ZoomThumb is a Flickr Uploadr extension that modifies the default size of photos thumbnails and allows quick preview. ZoomThumb adds a preference dialog box into Flickr Uploadr allowing the user to change the default size of thumbnails.

In addition, double-clicking on any thumbnail will display the image in a full-window. Simply click again in order to return to the classical thumbnail view.


Thumbnails of 250 pixels width

In "Tools" menu new preferences

ZoomThumb preferences dialog box

Double-Click to swicth to full-window mode (single click to exit)



Source Code


  1. Open Flickr Uploadr
  2. Tools > Add-ons
  3. Drag'n Drop ZoomThumb.xpi into the add-ons window
  4. Close and restart Flickr Uploadr


  • Wrong thumbnails spacing on the upload screen.
  • Full-window display is pretty slow... should we use canvas image resizing ?
  • Refresh thumbnails without restarting Flickr Uploadr when changing default size.